It’s a doddle.

I’m sure that most of my readers in the US (hey, Dad!) find the subject line of this blog post as confusing as I did the first time I heard the word doddle. I had no idea what it meant. I mean, none whatsoever. Usually, I can figure out the meaning of a new-to-me word by the context in which it is used, but this time my cluelessness shined brightly.

So, I turned to my personal resource on all things British…my husband. He explained that it means something that is easy. I Googled it and this came up, which I like as it emphasizes that it is an ‘informal’ word:


Hearing this word made me think back to an email I wrote recently to a woman from my hometown. She also met her English husband in Las Vegas and is in the process of emigrating to the UK, so we’ve become pen pals of sorts. (This is a very random and strange coincidence being that my hometown has a population of about 3500.) I explained to her that sometimes it is difficult being so far from family and dear friends, but most days are interesting because I find myself learning something new even if it is just a word.

When I wrote those words to her, I wrote them in a way in which I hoped they would help her begin to prepare for life as an expat. But, in turn, I’ve found myself thinking of those words a lot more lately and wondering if I had to write them down to help myself. This is not to say I’m not happy here because that is so far from the truth, but sometimes you need a wake up call to be reminded that although life is sort of on hold at the moment awaiting the visa to be approved that it doesn’t mean I should let the days pass me by because life here is interesting and I should soak that up fully.

I struggle, though, because for seven years after I graduated from university I was a woman with a fulfilling job. Then, when we made the decision for me to move to England, I became a student again and felt like I had a purpose as I was studying to achieve one of my life goals. I finished my dissertation and there was wedding planning to be done, so that kept me busy. I was proud of myself and what I achieved in all of those times in my life. But now, it’s a little strange because a lot of my days revolve around when and if the post is delivered. This is not really something I am proud of.

I’m in a state of limbo. I can’t wait to start applying for full-time jobs and to create my own daily routine that hopefully allows me to begin to settle into a fulfilling career here, but I also am aware that once that job finds me that I might be thinking back to these days and wondering why I chose to fill them with reruns of The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother and a plethora of other US television shows (ah, the glamorous life of an expat!) instead of investing my time in something I love, like my writing.

I just know that I should be making the most of this free time because…well…because why not?! It really is a doddle.