We’re parents!


Photo by two for joy photography

I wrote this post over two weeks ago and am finally posting it. Those of you that follow me on Instagram know our darling daughter made her way into the world in December – 13 days after her due date! 


I’m typing this solely with my left hand while I hold a sleeping snuggly nearly 8-week old baby girl with my right hand. This little one has brought so much love into our lives, even more than we knew we could give. You plan and plan for baby to arrive, but you really have no idea what her arrival will bring and how she will fit into your life, and all that nursery decorating and pram researching is your little way of preparing for what is a complete unknown.

I’ll admit that I wasn’t one of those women who dreamt of being a mom. I knew if I found my true partner in life then having a child might be a possibility, but it wasn’t something I thought would be what made my life complete.

I think back, though, to her first day of life. She lay sleeping in the small cot next to my hospital bed. Every noise she heard caused her to startle, and Richard and I would laugh while she continually awoke and quickly fell back to sleep as she adjusted to the world outside of my belly. We sat there with our hearts bursting with love and I remarked that having her here with us just made sense. At that moment I knew she was always meant to be in our lives. She just fit. Our little family felt complete.

Yes, we’re still figuring out how to be parents (and we know that learning will likely never end!), but I’m so happy to have been given such an incredible opportunity to raise this sweet girl with my amazing husband. When we got married, we both said we couldn’t wait to continue our adventures together and now we get to share those adventures with our daughter who is already showing much interest in exploring the world around her. We’re sure she’ll add so much to our lives and to our adventures.