Dear Mom, Please send candy corn. Thank you.

Alternate title for this post was Things I Miss About Fall in The U.S.

In England, we have the beautiful leaves changing colors, the scarf and boot weather, the crispness in the air.

But, there are two things which define fall to me. Candy corn and apple cider.

I have searched high and low for candy corn in the UK since the start of October, visiting every store I know that carries ‘American’ foods. No luck. And, what is worse? No one really even knows what candy corn is. For shame! I made the Brit try it last Halloween when he was in the U.S. Pretty sure that he hated it, which I can’t understand. Who wouldn’t want their teeth to feel like they are about to fall out from the pure sugar that makes those little candies like a slice of heaven?!

So, on Monday, I gave up on my hunt and called my mom to ask that she purchase a bag of Brach’s candy corn for me when I go home in a few weeks. (The Brach’s ones are the only way to go.)

And, apple cider! Ah…I love hot apple cider with a stick of cinnamon in the fall. I can picture myself walking back to my office from Starbucks last year when I was in Washington…puffy coat, scarf, boots, hands wrapped around the hot cup. Yum! Don’t get me wrong. I drink plenty of pints of cider here, but I want the non-alcoholic stuff. So, mom’s buying a gallon of that too for our visit in a few weeks.

I can’t wait for Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania!!

3 days to go…

The countdown is really on now!

Both of my parents have said this week that they can’t believe how quickly my time with them has gone. And, I have to agree. It seems like I’ve barely been here. When late August hit, I realized it was time to get serious about what had to be accomplished before I left for England. So, basically, I feel like I have crammed a few months of stuff into the last few weeks. (I honestly can’t believe how busy I have been. Not sure how that is possible without a job. Any ideas?)

Here’s what I’ve been up to since the realization that I’m really moving to England sunk in…

1. Selling my car. Last week, I said goodbye to my Nissan Versa. 😦 In October 2010, I traded in my SUV for something more fuel-efficient. I can’t believe how attached I became to that little car in 11 months. (I was actually a bit teary-eyed when I walked away from it last Tuesday.) It had been with me through a lot…most notably, an 11-day road trip from the Pacific Northwest to Pennsylvania. Such fun times! However, I am looking forward to smooth-running public transportation and car pooling with the Brit.

On the day I brought it home from the by the Brit!

2. Making the most of my time at home. Let’s just say last week was an emotional week for me, so I’ve been trying extra hard to spend time with my parents. I cried and Mom cried and Dad told me he really is going to miss having me around. Mom and I went shopping on Monday and we have plans tomorrow night. Dad and I watched a pre-season game of the greatest football team ever on Thursday and Hillbilly Handfishin’ (seriously watch this — hilarious!) last night.

Mom, Dad, and I on vacation in central New York this summer. 🙂

3. Visits with friends and family. Today, I had lunch with one of my besties and her little boy then lunch with my brother and his fiancée. (It’s 7 PM and I’m not even close to being hungry yet.) Last week, I was in DC selling my car, so I was lucky enough to stay with my cousin and her boyfriend plus catch up with one of my favorite friends from our days as new college graduates at our first jobs. I’ve been cramming in these visits (plus those with friends nearby) and it’s been really great!

4. Phone calls to my friends scattered around the country. I had two wonderful phone calls today with two of my favorite ladies. I still feel like I have a million more people to get in touch with before I leave the U.S. I’m not sure why I feel like I’ll never be able to talk to these people again on the phone! Because of Skype and an awesome phone plan through O2, I’ll be able to stay in touch with everyone.

5. Packing. Blech. I dislike packing. You’d think after my many travels that I’d have this down to an art. Not quite. I’ve taken over my brother’s room (he has his own house, so don’t think he is living around my stuff) and my room. Clothes everywhere!

The brother's room...

My room...