A Night in with Friends

After a wonderful but busy Christmas season, we’ve now entered into ‘stay in and save’ mode, as have a lot of our friends. Last Saturday, we were invited for a relaxing get together at the home of two of our great friends, James and Amber. We chilled out and chatted and even got a tour of the beautiful home they are building just a short walk from their current place. A nice thing about going to the home of good friends is that they were completely fine with us bringing our girl and putting her to sleep at their house just as we were sitting down to a delicious homemade curry.

One of the funniest parts of the night was Richard’s amazement at watching his lifelong friend cooking a curry. He just could not get over seeing James cook this meal for us! He was even more blown away once he tasted the samosas, curry, and naan – all homemade! Richard kept telling him he must open his own restaurant. I agree that it was absolutely delicious and the right amount of spice for my liking.

The next day, I was thinking about what a fabulous night we had talking and laughing with these two. This will sound extremely cheesy, but that night was like you see in the movies where friends are smiling and laughing and full of joy for being able to spend time together. The conversation flowed as we reminisced about past memories and planned for future ones. We left with full hearts and feeling energized from spending quality time with such wonderful friends.

Thank you so much, James and Amber, for being such amazing friends that we’re so glad to have in our lives.





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