So much more than rolling hills and sheep…

A great thing about where we live in Yorkshire is we are situated in the midst of beautiful countryside whilst being close to two great cities and the sea. There is just something about the sea that makes me smile, so knowing we would be so close to the seaside town of Scarborough when we stayed at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel, we couldn’t pass up a wander along the front.

Before traveling abroad for holidays became so convenient and popular, these English seaside towns were fabulous destinations, and you can really picture them as incredible places to visit during the summertime with the carnival rides, arcades, and food vendors. Having never been to Scarborough, I immediately pictured a smaller version of Blackpool, which I feel is a bit dated. However, the front at Scarborough, although old-fashioned, seems to be well taken care of with pieces of modern England, like the popular restaurant chain Ask Italian, mixed amongst the old.

We did not do much during our visit to the Scarborough front aside from battle the wind whilst walking. And, when I say battle, I mean battle. It was truly comical because we were walking nearly full tilt into the wind and being forced backwards. I also managed to get a mouthful of sand from smiling and laughing so hard at the entire situation. Despite all of the crazy wind, it was so nice to hold hands and enjoy the day together. Scarborough did not disappoint with its blue skies and stunning views of the cliffs and the sea. But really, who doesn’t love a trip to the seaside?!

Have you ever been to the English seaside? What did you think of it? 









5 thoughts on “So much more than rolling hills and sheep…

  1. I went to the Isle of Mann once and was astounded by the old-fashioned Victorian luxury. This was in the 80s and it was already looking a little decrepit to my American eyes. I wonder what sort of tourist destination it is now?

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