It’s a…


We are extremely excited to have found out that our little one is a girl! And, funnily enough, we found this out on the 4th of July, which is sort of fitting for a British-American baby. Can I just say that clothes for baby girls are ridiculously adorable?!

Also?! Yesterday marked six months of me being pregnant! It’s pretty incredible to think that we’re nearing the end of the second trimester.

Up until week 16 or so, I was not feeling fabulous at all. I was experiencing a constant state of nausea or what I would compare to feeling like I was always hungover without the fun of the night before and without the ability to self-medicate with greasy food and a Sprite Zero.  Now, I have my energy back as well as the desire to eat more than cheese, pizza, and chunky chips. It’s fabulous! I’m hoping that it will continue this way for the duration of the pregnancy.

In mid-July I was in the U.S. for 2 weeks and it was then that I really started to feel her kicking. The kicks have gotten stronger as the weeks have gone on. She is not only a dancing queen, but also a night owl because she prefers being active in the evenings and late at night – definitely equal parts of Richard and I! It’s been so fun for us to watch her kick and for Richard to be able to feel as well as see the kicks. We have had a right old time laughing at my belly bounce!

So far, we’ve had two ultrasounds or scans and we won’t have any more, which from what I understand is different than in the U.S. where most people have more than two. (Or am I wrong on this? Anyone have any input?) We’ve also had three midwife appointments up until now – two at our local medical centre (in weeks 8 and 16) and and one home visit (in week 9). Our next appointment is next week (in week 25) and the appointments will then begin every two to three weeks until her arrival.

We’ve received a few questions from family and friends asking about where I will give birth – meaning in the U.S. or the UK. This seems like a strange question to me because we live in the UK. Do people actually travel back to their home countries even if they are residents of a different country to give birth? So, I’ll be having her here at the birthing centre attached to our local hospital.

And, as for her room, we have three pieces of artwork up on the wall! Haha, progress! This weekend, we’ll be getting the wardrobes for her room and hopefully a crib/cotbed.

Little lady has led quite the life so far between a hen party to Amsterdam, a trip to the U.S. which included her baby shower in PA and a bachelorette party in NYC, a wedding in England, a day at Old Trafford watching cricket, and many walks around the countryside. Hopefully, she’ll be an easy traveler, like my parents said I was as an infant, as Richard and I have lots of plans for our little family of three!


At the wedding of our good friends a few weeks back

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