{Visas} My FLR(M) has been approved!

We’ve had a crazy couple of weeks here in West Yorkshire. The highlight of that being that my visa was approved! Hooray!

We got the good news on Wednesday when a packet arrived from the UKBA. It’s always nerve-wracking to receive post from the UKBA, especially when the cover letter takes four paragraphs to tell you that you have been approved. I was so excited that I burst into tears! The cover letter said I would receive my Biometric Residence Permit (the actual visa, also known as a BRP) within seven business days, but we were happy to just have the approval and to have all of our documents back (including both of our passports). Neither of us had realized how much stress this application process had caused us until the packet arrived and we immediately felt that a huge weight had been lifted from our shoulders.


It is nice to have our identities back from the UKBA.

The next day, I arrived home to a letter in a nondescript envelope with what felt like a credit card inside. I tore it open and there was my BRP! The letter included in the envelope suggests one should check the BRP for any errors. I looked it over once and didn’t notice anything. On my second review of the information on the BRP, I noticed that my place of birth was spelled as Pennsylvannia. (For those of you who don’t know, there should only be one n on the end of the state’s name.) Of all of the information to be spelled incorrectly, it is the least important, but it still must be corrected.

I sent the UKBA an email and received a reply the next day stating my passport and my BRP must be sent back to them. No biggie. At least this time, I was given a timeline of when I should receive the corrected BRP and my passport. I’ll be sending both to the UKBA on Friday after I attend an appointment for a National Insurance number (so I can finally start applying to full-time jobs!).

We celebrated on Friday night by staying in, watching tv, and drinking prosecco gifted to us by good friends for our wedding (thanks, D!). We both feel like life can move forward for us now, and it feels great!


18 thoughts on “{Visas} My FLR(M) has been approved!

  1. So much celebration for you!! That is really excellent news- I feel like I was on pins and needles for you over here!! Yay!

    And hey- maybe “Pennsylvannia” is the British spelling. 😉

  2. Well done on getting your visa. I know how stressful this is. Next challenge is the indefinite leave to remain which is a whole new bundle of stress.
    Good luck.

  3. This is very exciting news – you must be so relieved. Except for the Pennsylvannia part – how annoying (but as someone who now lives in ‘Pennsylvannia’ I found that quite funny, sorry).

  4. 😀 Congrats! my missus is a yank also and we just had our FLRM approved yesterday. Such a relief. We applied in person to avoid some of the stress u mentioned. Still nerve racking though!

      • How did it go? We just did the second round, Fees are ridiculous – not to mention the new NHS charge. And all they do is basically look at all the same docs as before, take your money, fingerprints and photos (again) – and off you go with another 2,5 years!

      • All went well and I’ve been approved again until spring of 2018. How about for you guys? The NHS fee caught us off-guard this time around, but oh well. I’m looking forward to applying for indefinite leave to remain and not having to go through the process again. It’s all worth it in the end though, isn’t it?! 🙂

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