Blue Skies, Sun, and…Snow


This morning, I woke to a sun-filled bedroom and thought, “Could spring finally be here?”

That wishful thinking was quickly squashed when I got out of bed to have goosebumps immediately form all over my body. Because underneath our down comforter, I was protected from the chill of the outside that had seeped into the house. I wish I could pretend that I didn’t crawl back into that warmth for another 20 minutes, but we all know that I did.

The sun has been shining off and on throughout the day taunting me as I wish for warmer days. But, as I sit next to our toasty fireplace bundled up in layers and look out the window, I’m reminded that we are still in the midst of some sort of winter. One minute, it is bright blue skies and sun. While the next, I’m provided a show of blowing snow that is either glistening from the sun or made to look dark and ominous against a grey sky that leaves no trace of the bluebird day present just a moment ago.

I’m sure you can tell I’m now looking forward to warmer days, but I’ll take blue skies, even is they are laced with snow, until the spring weather comes out to play.


4 thoughts on “Blue Skies, Sun, and…Snow

  1. I wish we has blue skies in London, it’s just been gret skies and cloud. Last Tuesday as I walked to work without my coat on I honestly thought spring was here, how wrong was I?!

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