Who is the Brit?


He’s probably going to be slightly embarrassed by this….

I know I don’t have gaggles of readers, but do those of you who read this blog wonder why I refer to him as ‘the Brit’?

The obvious answer to this is, well, because he is British. Surprised, right?! However, other people close to me began calling him this because, in their eyes, it made him more exotic and he was different from us because he wasn’t from the U.S. It became a sort of a joke when we’d go to my very small hometown in Pennyslvania, and our adopted family member/my brother’s best friend would say, ‘I knew the Brit was here because the tire tracks from the car were on the wrong side of the road!’ And we would all laugh, even if it didn’t make a whole lot of sense. And it sort of stuck. He was the Brit.

At first, I was keen to keep our names off the blog, but then I decided it didn’t make much sense since our photos were up. Duh. Regardless, I still used the Brit when I wrote about him. But, I have to say that I am outgrowing using ‘the Brit’. I think because to me that isn’t who he is. He is Richard and there is so much more to him than that nickname implies. He is the guy who has stolen my heart and has reminded me how life should be lived and makes me laugh a million and one times a day.

Some day, I will share the story of how we met and how we went from being friends to husband and wife, but for now, I think it is important to just say that he is my best friend, the most amazing husband, and my favorite travel companion. And from now on, he’ll be known as Richard around here.

5 thoughts on “Who is the Brit?

    • When do we get to find out more about the fella? Like what’s his job that you get to travel so much? What’s his favorite ice cream flavor? You know, the important stuff. πŸ™‚

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