{Road Trip} A Random Day in Edinburgh

Two Friday afternoons ago, a text came through from the Brit asking if I fancied a drive to Scotland on that Sunday. I’m always grateful for any time we can spend together, so of course I was up for it. He had to make the trip to Edinburgh for a project that was set for completion in a few days and I was happy for a change of scenery.

When we arrived in Edinburgh, he went off to the job site and sort of pointed me in the direction of the city centre. I’ve been to Edinburgh before, but did not recognize this area at all nor could I catch a glimpse of any of the landmarks I’m used to seeing tower over the city, such as the castle. So, I wandered aimlessly as I was in no rush to get anywhere.

One thing I try to do in a new city, especially when I’m on my own, is to attempt to appear like I know exactly what I am doing and where I am going, even if I have no idea. It’s easy really. You just keep your head up and shoulders back, you hope it’s sunny because your sunglasses can hide the fact that your eyes are darting around to find a familiar landmark or a street sign to clue you in to where you might actually be, and you walk with every ounce of self-assurance that you have. I practiced this on Sunday, and thankfully, it was sunny so the sunglasses could be put to good use. It was a beautiful day and very clear, which was a welcome break from the wintry mix we’ve been experiencing. (Yes, I love the snow, but I also love the sun.)

I finally stumbled upon Rose Street and followed that the entire way up until I realized I was near the Princes Street Gardens and the National Galleries of Scotland. Once there, I continued my wanderings until settling onto a park bench in the gardens to soak up the sun and enjoy the tranquility of the day.

Although we weren’t there very long, it was a nice afternoon out of the house and a fun reminder of how amazing it is that a random day in Scotland is never that far away.






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4 thoughts on “{Road Trip} A Random Day in Edinburgh

  1. The other day Paul asked me what I wanted to do that day and I said “Why don’t we go to Scotland?” and then the joke just got sad.
    Seriously, though, we made the drive up to the Borders and Dumfries/Galloway area many times- it was so easy to just throw the dogs in the car and go! Plus then we could load up on Mackie’s crisps- have you had those?? They’re amazing. Only sold in Scotland, though. Small shops and Tesco. Their ice cream is sold all over, but they have “indulgence” flavors only sold in Scotland. So next time you’re up, try them! (For me, at least?!)
    Edinburgh is a fantastic city to just stroll around! I wish I’d been there sometime other than Festival, because it’s so packed then. Someday, though- I’ll get back!

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