Winter wonderland!

Growing up in western Pennsylvania, I’m used to snowy winters, so I was very excited when news hit last week about the possibility of a real snowstorm sweeping the UK. I think, in a way, that I felt the snow would make me feel closer to home, so I was eagerly anticipating a few inches coating the ground. To me, winter isn’t winter unless there is snow.

I’m certain my sentiments were a rarity amongst those in the UK because snow does mess with the infrastructure of this island, plus I (obviously) don’t have any children who were being kept home from school because of it. So, snow doesn’t affect me the same way it does most others, and I couldn’t wait to see fluffy white flakes floating to the ground. I was not disappointed with the blanket that settled, and it makes me smile because it doesn’t seem to be melting anytime soon.

I thought I would share some of the photos I took of the snow as my wedding posts are taking a bit longer to write than I had planned, so hopefully you will accept these as my wintry peace offering!

The first two were taken on my phone and posted to Instagram (follow me at yankinyorkshire) when we took a walk around our neighborhood on Monday, and the third is of our back garden.





4 thoughts on “Winter wonderland!

  1. Hello, Gillian from the glad blog here – thank you for your comment! I’m very excited to read your blog too.

    Yes, the UK is not very good at coping with weather – something my PA husband had to learn quite a few times. Once I couldn’t go into my office in Scotland for a few days due to snow, thankfully my boss understood when I emailed her a picture of a tractor digging snow out of my street! PA is much faster at deploying snow plows etc, but we didn’t see snowy winters in the UK for many years from 1995 until about 2009.

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