Starting 2013 off on the right foot!

I started this post on Thanksgiving Day, and I still want to share it because I think it is a good segue into writing about our wedding and all the festivities associated with it. But really, why didn’t I post it then? Because I convinced myself I was ‘too busy’ to write or to even hit ‘publish’. That’s a silly and stupid excuse because the truth is that I allowed an air of uncertainty to take over my excitement in writing this blog. I had moments when I felt I wasn’t good enough and that I have nothing worthwhile to write about…seriously lame. But, in actuality, I have so much to share about this time in my life and about how I am trying to make the most of the waiting game that is caused by the UKBA visa application process. I started this blog because I love to write and I need to keep that in mind, so I thank those of you who stuck around through my sabbatical because I can honestly say it feels good to be back.

I’m determined to start 2013 off with optimism! And, why shouldn’t I?! I did marry my best friend just over a week ago!



Oh, hey, remember me? I’m not sure what caused my absence from the blog, especially after proclaiming I wanted to write every day for a month straight. Yea, that didn’t go so well. But truthfully, I haven’t even signed on and attempted to write a post. Rather, I chose to avoid my blog and I’m not sure why because, in all honesty, I really enjoy writing it and sharing my experiences with those of you willing to read about them.

The Brit and I have spent very little time at home during the past month. We’ve been home so little that we have already made a deal with each other that the month of January is meant to focus on us and making time for ourselves. Do not get me wrong because we love our crazy life and the fact that we have so much on our plates (both work and personal), but sometimes you just need a break and you need to spend more than one weekend a month in your own house. That being said, we have so much excitement ahead of us that I don’t want January to get here too quickly (let’s just say I’m SO glad January is here!), but at the right speed so we can really savour and enjoy what is to come for us in the next 5 or so weeks.

The biggest of these excitements is our wedding on the 29th of December! Umm…how did that sneak up on us?! We arrived back in England last Thursday from a week in the Dominican Republic celebrating my cousin’s destination wedding, and we finally made it back home on Friday as the Brit was working away and I went with him. That night, over takeaway from the most amazing little Thai restaurant in our village, we lit a fire under both of our bums and got to work on wedding planning. It hit us both that we have quite a bit left to do for the wedding and we were up until 1:30 AM that night focused on wedding details. (As a sidenote, I love planning this wedding with him! We make a great team, if I do say so myself!) Since then, it has been non-stop on the wedding organizational path with some stress thrown in, but mostly excitement! I am truly beyond ecstatic about marrying this guy, and it’s been so fun making it reflect our personalities and working to emphasize the importance of our family and friends who will be making the trip to be there with us. I can hardly wait!

And, jumping around here, as I think about the people who will be coming to our wedding and those close to us who can’t make the journey, I’m ever so thankful for having such amazing people in my life. Most of you likely know that yesterday was Thanksgiving in the U.S. It is hard to be away from home during Thanksgiving, and I never realized that until living in a place that doesn’t celebrate this holiday. I sort of feel like I have taken advantage of spending Thanksgiving with my family in the past, and I think it will make our next Thanksgiving in the U.S. even more special. I believe I’ll cherish it more. And, I love that the Brit has embraced Thanksgiving and has enjoyed celebrating the holiday with my family in the US in 2010 and 2011. Despite how hectic our life has been, he humored me when I suggested making Thanksgiving dinner for his family on Saturday because I think he realized what a special holiday it actually is. I’m glad we can share it with his family and try to show them what the day is all about (aside from the delicious food, that is).

We really do have so much to be thankful for this year.

4 thoughts on “Starting 2013 off on the right foot!

  1. GORGEOUS picture! You two look so incredibly happy, and the surroundings? WOW. I can’t wait to read/hear more about it! Here’s to the new year, and all the exciting things going on in your life!

  2. Yayyyyyy! Loved seeing the pictures on Facebook! So incredibly sad though that I didn’t get to witness it for myself. 😦 Miss you! MWAH!

  3. Welcome back!! You’ve been missed. I love this picture!!! You both look so happy!!! Congrats! I can’t wait to hear all about it. Post some more pictures!! Let’s get together soon.


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