A Bloggers Afternoon Tea at Sketch

I’m so glad that Gesci brought this bloggers tea to my attention because it really was an absolutely fab day with some amazing women! You see, Gesci and I wanted to meet up one more time before she moved back to the U.S., so this worked perfectly for us as I was to be in London (again) with the Brit while he was working.

The tea was organized perfectly by Laura at Happy Homemaker UK, who is another US expat living in England with her family. From the minute I emailed Laura to RSVP to the tea, she was so lovely even through the internet, which eased my nerves. Yes, I was admittedly nervous as, up until this point, I was only really familiar with the blogs of Gesci and Selena. And, I had only ever met Gesci in person.

Laura chose Sketch just off of Regent Street in London for the venue. Wow, it really impressed us all – not just the food and tea, but the decor is something that must be seen to be truly appreciated!! We had tea in The Glade, which is a room that makes you feel like you are possibly sat in the forest having tea in Alice in Wonderland.

The crazy cool chandelier in The Glade

Our tea began with a glass of champagne followed by our choice of tea. I decided on the Darjeeling, which was delicious. (It’s so funny to me now that I don’t even second guess putting milk in my tea…remember when I thought that was so weird?!) Then, the true centerpiece of the tea was the lovely little foods arranged on plates and mugs stacked to form a tier. This is such a great idea that I might attempt it when we have people over at some point as a fun way to arrange and display food! And, of course, it wouldn’t be a true tea without scones, jam, and clotted cream. It was all just plain yummy!

Our two-hour tea turned quickly into three hours of non-stop chatter with these ladies. It was a true delight to meet these women. My blog is very small compared to the rest of them, so I felt a little nervous and/or anxious, but blog size did not matter one bit. I felt comfortable having a good old-fashioned natter with them all. We had all styles of blogs represented, so I definitely recommend you check them out because they are just great! I’m excited to follow along with them all now!

From left to right:  Robynne, Liz, Louise, Selena, Belinda, Laura, Sarah (and her littlest little!), Charlotte, me, and Gesci (not pictured is Sarah Jane)

After, we were taken on a tour of some of the other rooms of Sketch, including the awe-inspiring toilets (Gesci explained this, but a bathroom/restroom without a bath/shower is typically referred to as ‘the toilet’ here…this was definitely a difficult one for me to get used to saying as it sounded so abrupt). It truly is a remarkable place! It has been awarded two Michelin stars and 5 AA Rosettes. Maybe, I can talk the Brit into going back with me and possibly trying out The Lecture Room or The Gallery for a meal! Anyway, I’m so glad to have met these women, and I hope we’ll have a chance to catch up again soon! Another big thank you to Laura for arranging the afternoon!

See those pods at the top of the stairs? Those are toilets!

The Gallery with tables and chairs removed for an event

The Swarovski-clad toilets full of mirrors and lights to trick your mind during your time in the toilet

3 thoughts on “A Bloggers Afternoon Tea at Sketch

  1. Hello Becky,

    I’m so glad you had such a good day – I was very nervous too! So glad I wasn’t the only one! But it was sooooo worth coming down on the bus from Oxford with Sophie – and, actually, I had a really, really lovely time cuddling her once I found the bus on the way home!

    all in all a thoroughly brilliant day!


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