What’s that noise?

I thought today I’d sit down and write another birthday celebration re-cap or maybe touch on the fact that we did actually go to the women’s beach volleyball finals at the Olympics (AMAZING, by the way!). Instead, I’m going to write about a little alarm that went off in our cozy house last night.

We were settled in on the couch, after having burgers and chunky chips for dinner, all set to begin the most relaxing weekend we have had in months. All week we had been talking about how we couldn’t wait to do nothing this weekend and we were reveling in it. I was eating Ben & Jerry’s straight out of the container and the Brit was researching avalanche classes (he’s an incredible skier) in advance of his stag do (bachelor party in the U.S.) to Whistler (yes, you read that right) at the end of November.

We began to hear a beeping noise. I thought maybe it was the neighbor’s phone because we live in a semi-detached house, but we’ve never heard the neighbor’s phone before so that didn’t make much sense. The Brit swore it was on this video he was watching of a skier who caused an avalanche, which also made no sense. Finally, we muted the television and the video and realized the noise was still there, so he set out to track down the noise. At that point we could tell it was coming from upstairs, so I assumed it was the smoke detector.

Oh no. Wrong. It was our carbon monoxide detector.

The Brit somehow managed to mute the siren, but the red light was still flashing rapidly at us. We read the back of the detector that informed us this was indeed a real alarm and not the battery dying. How many other people automatically assume when a detector starts to beep that the battery is just dying? I hope it is more than just us.

The number was at 44 PPM, which after some Googling we discovered is a safe amount for someone to be in for up to 8 hours, but not much more than that. It was 9 PM, so we would be going to sleep soon. (Not ashamed of an early night in on a Friday!) Obviously, this wasn’t ideal. Thankfully, as I said to the Brit, we weren’t in the death range, but it still wasn’t safe for us to be there asleep for that period of time.

If ever there was a sign that neither of us wanted to leave our spots on the couch, I continued to eat ice cream while the detector started to beep again leading to the Brit shoving it under a pillow. I wish I could describe how slow we were to get ready to leave the house. I guess you could say we were sort of in denial that we had to leave the house and had to forfeit our weekend in.

So, what did we do? We had a sleepover at the in-laws, that’s what! I’m sure they appreciated us keeping them up way later than they had planned, but we really appreciated the safe zone for the night. And, it really was like an old-fashioned sleepover in that we raided their stash of sweets and cookies! Thank you so much to my lovely future in-laws for saving the day!

We had a plumber meet us as the house just as we were getting home this afternoon. Although the number on our detector was zero when we came back home, the more sensitive detector he has indicated that there was indeed a leak in the seal on our boiler. He did a temporary fix on it and will fix it permanently this week when the part comes in.

This might sound a tad lame, but I think this is just a lesson for everyone to make sure you have the proper detectors in your house with functioning batteries. I have no idea what would have happened if we were in the house longer than 8 hours. We might have been fine, but I don’t really want to think about it and I’m glad I don’t have to, so just be sure to take care when it comes to these things.

Okay, I’m done preaching! I’ll be back with more interesting things tomorrow. Promise.

4 thoughts on “What’s that noise?

  1. I have a friend who woke up in the middle of the night one night, feeling really sick and his roommates did too. They didn’t have a carbon monoxide detector in the house but that’s what was happening! They were all lucky to wake up sick and get out! The rental unit now has one of those detectors! I’m glad you guys didn’t try to stay through the night 🙂

  2. We’re all about ignoring alarms in our house, so it’s always good to hear a (safe) reminder to pay attention once in a while! I’m glad you left, and glad it’s being repaired for good. Guess I’d better add “carbon monoxide detectors” to the list of stuff to make sure we have in our NC house 🙂

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