Just a quick one.

This has nothing to do with the post, but rather to do with the fact that my speech is evolving into a weird hybrid of a generic US accent with a hint of Yorkshire in some of the words and phrases I now use, as is seen in the subject of this post (and honestly, it was the only post title that really seemed to ‘fit’). It’s a phrase you hear a lot here and I’m apparently not immune to its usage. Oh well…when in Rome, right!?

Really though, this post is just a quick one as the Brit has requested that I mention how absolutely beautiful the weather has been for the past three days, so everyone knows that England does get some nice weather! Here is a photo from our 6-mile walk along the canal yesterday. Hope summer is treating you all well!

7 thoughts on “Just a quick one.

  1. I saw on NBC news last night that they were even commenting on how nice the weather was in London and that it’s putting everyone in a better mood for the Olympics! Happy for you that it’s finally sunny!

  2. Gorgeous! I’m glad there’s finally some sun. Oh, the hybrid speech… When “dude” and “can do” are in the same sentence, you KNOW you’re confused!!

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