{Road Trip} The Sunny, but Chilly Welsh Coast

This past weekend, the Brit and I decided we needed a little break from home and just some down time for life, so we escaped to Abersoch for an overnight stay. As you all know, it has been terribly dreary here this summer, so we had our fingers crossed for sunny days. Luckily, we got just that!

We arrived early on Saturday morning and settled in then decided to stroll into the village via the beach. This was a recurring theme throughout our 36 hours in Abersoch, as we managed to cover 10 miles walking on Saturday and 5 miles running and 3 miles walking on Sunday. It was so nice to stretch our legs and to not have to drive anywhere. There are some absolutely beautiful views in Abersoch. This visit, I mainly took photos of the coast in all its glory.

The other theme that ran through this trip was good food. So, I’d like to share with you what we enjoyed and where it was from should you ever find yourself in lovely little Abersoch. First, try the baguettes at Abersoch Deli. They are the perfect lunch and we made sure we had them both days. I really enjoyed the turkey cranberry and the Brit enjoyed the coronation chicken, and, yes, we both ordered the same thing both days – they were that good! The baguettes are perfectly baked and the toppings are added in just the right amount. As the Brit said, “I don’t think most people realize how important the bread is to the sandwich.” So, so true. On Saturday, we were lucky enough to grab a table outside, but as there are only 3 tables, we didn’t have the same luck on Sunday which was not a big deal to us at all.

After you finish your lunch, take a quick stroll across the street to the ice cream shack at The Vaynol for some Cadwalader’s ice cream. Yes, this was enjoyed both days as well! I highly recommend the vanilla with sprinkles (hundreds and thousands in the UK, but it was actually listed as ‘sprinkles’ on the menu here!) in a cone (or a wafer in the UK). This ice cream took me back to my childhood as it is a favorite combination of mine, that I obviously still enjoy as I approach 30. (No shame here, folks!) You won’t regret having this ice cream after lunch!

For dinner, we weren’t sure if we wanted a takeaway or to sit in at a restaurant. We wanted to try Zinc, but we didn’t act quickly enough and they were already booked up. (This is a good time to mention that Abersoch is very small, so if you want to eat out, it would be a wise idea to book in well in advance.) While we decided on our plan of action for dinner, we sat on the covered terrace at St Tudwals and enjoyed a couple of drinks…me on the Strongbow and the Brit on the lager shandy.

We settled on Thai takeaway from The Coconut Kitchen. (Because it is also a sit down restaurants, they get very busy and will stop taking takeaway orders if they are swamped, so plan ahead for this as well.) We ordered two curries – green chicken curry and red king prawn curry – and shared. Both of these were delicious! I can honestly say it was the best Thai food I have ever had. So, check out The Coconut Kitchen.

We ended our night with another walk back into the village for drinks. (I obviously wasn’t thinking as I wore wedges and nearly twisted my ankle jumping over puddles on the way…nice one.) We first went back to St Tudwals for one drink before heading to Zinc to split a bottle of wine. If you are looking for somewhere a little more upscale than a pub, then I recommend checking out Zinc. They have a great back deck which was full of people even though it had come fairly cool outside. We nabbed two bar stools along the railing and talked the night away over some Sauvignon Blanc. It was just a perfect weekend for us to relax with some sun and good food and drink mixed in!

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