The Great British Summer

What an incredible year to be living in England — the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, England making it to the quarterfinals in the European Cup, Andy Murray in the finals of Wimbledon (oh yes, I was sitting on the couch in tears with the rest of the crowd at Centre Court when he spoke after the match), and…the OLYMPICS!!

According to the BBC website, we are now 14 days from the Opening Ceremonies for London 2012 and the build up here in England has been fun to see. Two Sundays ago, the torch passed through our town. (I know I often refer to ‘our village’, which is where our house is, but the village is just outside of a larger town.)

Also, the day I spent in London over the Brit’s birthday was the same day that the massive Olympic rings were lowered on Tower Bridge. Apparently, I missed seeing the actual lowering of them (and a potential sighting of London mayor, Boris Johnson) by about 15 minutes! However, I was able to grab some photos of them with my phone.

And finally, our Olympic tickets arrived! The Brit was lucky enough to nab tickets to the gold and bronze medal matches for the women’s beach volleyball! I am keeping my fingers crossed for an appearance by the US team in one of those matches! (I have been telling the Brit I’ll be painting my face red, white, and blue if it happens – haha!)

Now, if we could only get the weather to recognize that we are actually in summer….

3 thoughts on “The Great British Summer

  1. Ah! I’ve got to look up how long the rings will be up- I’d love to see them! I was just talking to our farm deliveryman about how sad the weather is this summer. Most Americans think it rains, rains, rains in England, all the time, but those of us who live here know it’s normally just the drizzle and whitecloud. Well… this summer’s weather is going to prove that incorrect stereotype right!
    I’m still jealous of your tickets- can’t wait to hear about it!

  2. I was just thinking today how lucky you are to be there this year! I am SOO excited for the olympics and I’d die to be in London for them…not to mention for the Euro Cup excitement and the Jubilee!! Live it up and soak it in for me!

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