Someone had a birthday last week!

‘Tis true! The Brit celebrated his birthday last week. Let me start by saying that I love birthdays. Love them. I am a jobless graduate student at the moment, so I couldn’t splurge on a big gift or fancy meal for him and this made me a little sad. I think (and hope) that we still managed to have a really great time celebrating!

The Saturday before his birthday we hosted a barbecue at our house. We hadn’t had people around to our house for awhile, so it was nice to have a fairly large group of friends and family over for a casual get-together. It had rained in the morning off and on, but then the sun made an appearance along with the wind. It was an all-around good day that started with us going to see the Olympic torch pass through town and ended (sadly) with England being knocked out of the European Cup by Italy on penalties. (When the football match ended, it was just the two of us left and it was absolute silence in our house. I wasn’t sure if I should say something or not as this was not the ending we were hoping for at all.)

On his actual birthday, we spent the day waking up at 3 AM to drive to London as the Brit is working there at least one day a week now. Because I wouldn’t actually see him much more than an hour or so on his birthday if I didn’t go with him, I figured I would keep him company on the drive. Surprisingly, I only slept for one hour of the ride down and it takes nearly 3 and a half to get there. I wandered around London as the weather was lovely until about 4 PM when it started to rain (surprise, surprise!).

On our drive home, we stopped at the Sibson Inn, which is right off the A1, for a nice dinner. If you are ever driving on the A1 and looking for a meal that isn’t from a service station, I definitely recommend stopping by the Sibson Inn. The food was very good and it offered a good break from the monotony of the motorway.

So, the actual day was a bit anti-climatic, but we were both happy to spend some time together on a mini-road trip. Happy birthday, Richard! I can’t wait to celebrate many more birthdays with you!!

2 thoughts on “Someone had a birthday last week!

  1. Happy birthday, Richard! Sounds like a lovely celebration, other than the footy… we went to a sports pub for the match. That was an experience in itself! Glad to hear it was a good birthday, if not a super fancy one!

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