Jubilee Weekend in Wales

I’m very behind on my posting and am slowly catching up. Hopefully, my next post will actually be about how we traveled to London for the Diamond Jubilee Flotilla on June 3rd — because we really did go!

After taking the train back up north from London, we hopped in the car and headed to Abersoch, Wales in hopes of finding some sun. (This seems to be the theme of the blog lately — where is the sun?) We arrived late to Abersoch where the Brit’s parents were waiting up for us and then we promptly crashed into bed. Monday morning revealed that it would be another cloudy day, but we were lucky in that we had some really beautiful patches of sun throughout the day. We enjoyed walking along the sea and lunch in a cafe.

Later in the afternoon, I joined the Brit and his dad in a rousing game of boules on the beach. Maybe there is a similar game in the US, but I have never played it if there is. There is a small ball that is thrown first and each round is focused around getting your two larger (and heavier) balls as close as possible to the smaller one. The person with the closest ball gets 1 point, and if you are lucky enough for both of your balls to be the closest, then you receive 2 points. The winner of each round then throws the small ball and it starts again. We played to 11 points, but apparently you can use any number as the winning number. I definitely need to practice this for our future trips to Abersoch as the guys crushed me. I had a few lucky plays, but overall I was in last place (of three, remember!) for the duration of the game.

That evening, we had a barbecue, toasted with champagne, and enjoyed wine/Pimm’s/beer while watching the Diamond Jubilee Concert on telly. Although the weather wasn’t fab, we were happy to have a day of relaxation in Wales before returning to West Yorkshire early on Tuesday morning. I’m really looking forward to a few more weekends in Abersoch this summer…and to some redemption in boules!

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