It’s just not cricket.

(I asked the Brit to help me come up with a title for this blog post and he informed me that they use the saying of ‘It’s just not cricket’ when something isn’t right. So, there you go and I just learned something today!)

Today, the Brit and I were supposed to be sitting in the sun at Headingley watching the England v. West Indies One Day International cricket match. Instead, he’s working from home and I’m applying to jobs while listening to the radio commentary from Headingley as we watch the rain pour down outside. (In the words of the English, ‘It is absolutely pissing it down!’) The match was set to begin at 10:30 and has yet to officially be called off, but it is difficult to imagine how the cricket grounds will be playable in the midst of this downpour.

Not only was I looking forward to spending the day with the Brit as it feels like we haven’t seen each other these past two weeks, I was also excited to see some cricket live. All credit to the Brit as he has tried many a time to explain the game to me while watching it on telly and because of that I do understand the very basics of it. However, I knew that if I could see the whole thing happening at once that I would understand it more fully and pick the rules up faster. But unfortunately, I think my cricket lesson will have to be postponed.

Oh, I have seen one other cricket match live, but I don’t think I can count it. It was a match in which the Brit’s 6-year old godson was playing. Granted, it was absolutely adorable to see the little ones in their cricket whites, but all I could think of were the days of my brother playing tee-ball when he was young. (For those who might not know, tee-ball is baseball for little kids in which they hit the baseball off of a tee instead of it being pitched to them.) It was a hysterical mess of cuteness!

So, although today’s match looks like a wash, I’m hoping we can soon catch a live cricket match as I’m really interested in learning more about the sport. And, I hope that the sun comes back. I really hope I didn’t curse the weather with my last blog post!

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