British summer?

I realize that I vanished and not that I have zillions of readers wondering where I have been, but the sun has been out the past two days so I am also pulling myself out of this weather-inflicted moodiness I have sunk into. I wish I could say I was lying when I admit that I have cried at least twice because of the weather this past week. (Yes, I realize how lame this sounds, but this weather is rough for a girl who is used to hot summers.) I wish I also could say I was lying when prior to yesterday I cannot remember the last day we had that didn’t involve some sort of rain.

I had been doing a fairly good job of staying positive and had (with the help of the Brit) pretty much convinced myself summer was going to arrive tomorrow, but the tomorrows kept coming and never brought summer. And then, the English started to admit they are fed up with the rain and that means something.

On Thursday, I was talking to the Brit’s mum nearly in tears about how the weather really had me down. Later in the day, she said to the Brit’s dad, “This weather really has Becky depressed.” I’m certain she expected him to offer some encouraging words, but instead he replied, “It has me depressed, too.” All she and I could do was laugh because it is true that we are all sick of this weather.

And then on Saturday, as we were painting our living room, it was raining non-stop, but shifting from drizzle to complete downpour. About every twenty minutes, my almost always optimistic fiancé would use some iteration of the following, “Guess what?! It’s raining again. Bet you didn’t expect that.” And again, all you could do was laugh because it really has been that awful.

So, the sun is shining and I have the wash hanging outside on the line and there is a smile on my face! Even if it starts to rain again tomorrow, I think these two days of sun will help me stay positive for another few weeks. I hope that is the case, at least!

2 thoughts on “British summer?

  1. Oh, it’s so true! I pulled out a sundress and sandals today, despite it not being *quite* that warm! I just couldn’t resist. It’s been particularly dreary lately, for some reason. I always liked rain in the States, but I’ve learned that warm rain that punctuates sun is much different than sun that punctuates cold rain! Hang in there!

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