A Summertime Walk

Two weeks ago, we were lucky to have some wonderful summer weather that lasted for a week. I took a long walk every day that week and one of the days I decided to take some photos with my cell phone as I walked along the canal.

I emailed some of them to the Brit as he was in London for work and he replied that we live in such a beautiful place. I have to agree with him, especially when the weather is as lovely as it was during those days. Enjoy the greenery and the blue skies!

As I arrived back in our village, I had a craving for a ginger beer (ginger ale, but better and more tangy), but the little shop I stopped at did not have any. Instead, I chose this random drink below that was absolutely terrible. I’m glad I tried it as I’ve been intrigued by it since I first saw it, but I won’t ever make that mistake again!

One thought on “A Summertime Walk

  1. Gorgeous area, it looks fantastic for a stroll! I’ve tried some *interesting* drinks, too- but I’ve managed to find a few I do enjoy to mix things up. Finding a tasty “cloudy” lemonade was a big challenge. I’ve not found an acceptable ginger ale substitute (I’m a fan of the Schweppes can. No purist, but I like what I like.) I haven’t had ginger beer, though, I might have to give that a go!

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