My Baby Brother Gets Married, Pt. 2

We left off with the Brit and I zonked out after an exhausting day of travel and a fun reunion with family….

Regardless of how tired I was, I woke up ready to conquer the day at about 6:30 AM. Unfortunately, no one else was as eager as me to start the day, so after I texted everyone to see if they were awake and got no replies, I headed to the hotel gym in hopes of working out some of my unexplained energy. It did help quite a bit, but then I returned to our hotel room and proceeded to munch on Starburst jelly beans, which I’m sure had nothing to do with my hyperness. (Right.)

Anyway, the day involved some shopping because the Brit and I tend to flock to the mall when we’re in the U.S. to save money as everything is so much more expensive here in England. After some fun purchases, we met up with the rest of the family for a late lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, which is your typical American sports bar. I hadn’t been to B-Dubs (as we call it) since I lived in Indianapolis five years ago, so it made me reminisce a little and miss my Indy friends! (Hi to the few that read the blog!)

Love these people…this photo just makes me laugh as we’re all posed around Jon with his beer.

This lunch was really nice because we all got to chill out and enjoy each other’s company over a few beers (pints?). While checking our IDs, the waitress had a good laugh at the Brit’s hairstyle in his driver’s license photo as she exclaimed, ‘What the?!’ Hahaha! His license was passed around for everyone to poke fun at his ‘Flock of Seagulls’-inspired ‘do in his photo. Ah, too funny. You know you’re part of the family when everyone can openly make fun of your former hairstyle choice!

(Side note:  It is interesting because I have grown accustomed to not taking my ID when we go out in England as it is never checked, so the Brit and I have to make a conscious effort to take our IDs out with us when we are in the U.S. I once made fun of him when we were out for a meal with our friends in Colorado and he didn’t have his ID, so he couldn’t order a beer. Now, I understand why it could be easy not to even consider bringing your ID out with you.)

After lunch, we had some time to kill before the evening’s festivities. This brings us to the American rehearsal dinner. The bane of my existence when American wedding traditions come up in conversation. As I explain it, people nod their heads in understanding, but I can tell they don’t really grasp the concept. Essentially, we have a rehearsal the night before the wedding, so that those involved in the ceremony know what to do – where to walk, where to stand, what to say, etc. It makes for a more seamless ceremony on the actual day.

The rehearsal is then followed by a rehearsal dinner that is traditionally hosted by the parents of the groom. As to who is invited to the rehearsal dinner, typically it is not open to all wedding guests. Instead, it is generally the wedding party and their significant others, the immediate family of the bride and groom, and in our case, some close friends and extended family. I believe it was a total of about 37 people.

The rehearsal is generally held in the actual ceremony venue, but the venue was not available on the Friday night before the wedding, so we had the rehearsal, led by the pastor performing the ceremony, where we had the dinner. Adam and Kayla chose to have have their rehearsal dinner at Dave & Buster’s, which is a restaurant and bar with an arcade attached to it. My parents had reserved one of the function rooms and we had a nice meal (I was impressed with how good the food was!) with delicious cake that had been ordered specifically in honor of the bride and groom’s honeymoon. Then, we continued to party while playing arcade games! It was so wonderful to catch up with family and friends before the wedding. (Truthfully, I think the rehearsal dinner should be adopted as tradition in the UK, but that is just my opinion!)

They are camping and kayaking for their honeymoon – the cake was incredible!

Because the wedding did not begin until 6 PM on Saturday, most of the groom’s side stayed out late! One of my best friends and her fiance were there and she and I haven’t had a night partying for years, so it was really fun for all of us!

It was such a good night with some of my favorite people!

My parents had all of the leftovers from the dinner in their hotel room, so around midnight, we had about 20 people crammed into their room chowing down until the guys (including the Brit who was adopted by all of Adam’s friends this weekend and was called ‘the foreigner’) went to a different room to have ‘bachelor party number two’ while I chilled with Mom and Dad before calling it a night around 1:30 PM.

Adam’s friends won this giant gorilla at Dave & Buster’s. I think they named it Harold, but I could be wrong. That is my dad beside it pretending to give it a Busch Light…so classy!

I promise to wrap it up in one final part…the wedding day!! Hooray!

One thought on “My Baby Brother Gets Married, Pt. 2

  1. I just love reading your descriptions of American places and traditions- so fun to be the knowledgable observer for once!! That cake is fantastic, btw!

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