My Baby Brother Gets Married, Pt. 1

Now that I have successfully completed my final two essays linked to my courses for my degree (YAY!), I can focus on other things for a little while. One of those things is catching up on posts from the wedding weekend we were lucky to be a part of during the last weekend in April.

There was so much to look forward to for this trip…celebrating my brother and his new wife, spending time with family, and a break from life in England which had been unusually hectic for us. Although the trip was very quick, in that we flew there on Thursday and our return flight left on Sunday night, I knew it would be a nice getaway for the two of us. (When people hear we fly to the U.S. for such a short amount of time, we get the funniest looks! But, honestly, when the Brit and I were living apart, the majority of our visits were like this, so we don’t think twice about it.)

Also, this was the Brit’s first American wedding! There is a good amount of wedding talk in our families at the moment (with his sister getting married in September and us in December). ย And, because we are keen to combine English and American wedding traditions into our wedding, I was looking forward to him seeing some of the American wedding traditions in person.

But first, we had to get there. Our flight from Manchester to London was delayed on take-off then we were put in a circling pattern above Heathrow for about 20 minutes. It was neat to fly over London twice. However, panic set in for me. I was NOT okay with us missing our flight to the U.S., which was set to leave very soon. The Brit gets a kick out of me when I hit panic mode for things completely out of our control, but I was so upset because I was ready to be on U.S. soil.

We finally landed and it was a sprint (on my part) with the Brit walking at a normal speed behind me. We made it to the gate just as boarding was beginning, so then I could take a deep breath. We got on the plane and were all set for an on-time departure when it was discovered there were electrical problems with the plane, so it was another 1.5 hours before we left. The key though is that we left!

The best man, Jon, was set to pick us up from Dulles and for some reason the website listing the arrivals didn’t update until about 10 minutes before we arrived, so he’d been waiting for us for nearly two hours. He’s a good one for sticking around! Out we head to the car park and what does Jon notice? Oh, he left his lights on in his Jeep! Hahahahaha! So, after asking at least five people if they had jumper cables, we finally managed to find some good people who had some. Then, we were good to go! We did a quick stop to see his bachelor pad then off to Maryland we went.

Most of our friends and family weren’t arriving until the next day, so Mom, Dad, Jon, Richard, and I went out for a really nice meal. My mom had a glass and a half of wine and was super tipsy, which had us all laughing! We figured we hadn’t had enough to drink, so we found a brewery and had another round of drinks. This was by far the funniest part of the evening as my mom ‘needed some fresh air,’ so she and Dad went outside while the three of us finished our drinks. Mom kept coming right up to the window and waving at us — it was hilarious!

Mom and Jon…you can see the drink in her eyes! ๐Ÿ™‚

The guys look nice and I look rough.

By the time we left the brewery, the Brit and I were exhausted, but my brother and Kayla were about 15 minutes from arriving, so I somehow managed to stay awake just long enough to say hi to the two of them, while the Brit had already faceplanted and promptly fell asleep in our hotel room.

The best man prepared for the arrival of the groom with two growlers of beer!

To be continued…. (I know the suspense is killing everyone!)

4 thoughts on “My Baby Brother Gets Married, Pt. 1

  1. I feel like I deserve an Olympic medal for some of the travel-related sprints I’ve done since moving here (and traveling a lot more often), but it sounds like you’re a contender, too! I can’t wait to hear what Richard thinks of an American wedding!

    • Oh, I hear you! New event to be added this year? ๐Ÿ™‚

      Your comment made me think that I should ask Richard if he’d mind writing a little about his thoughts. I’ve heard them, but it might be fun to share them through his words…watch this space!

  2. B, your trip to the US made me laugh. I know it wasn’t funny to you at the time, but it sure is funny to hear about it now — sounds like something straight out of Friends or something. lol Can’t wait to hear more (and see pictures!!!!). ๐Ÿ™‚

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