“What do you miss the most?”

A common question that I’m asked both in England and when I’m back in the U.S. is, “What do you miss the most about the U.S.?” Call me sappy (or soppy, if you’re British), but I always reply with, “My family.”

And then, I usually get a blank stare. Apparently, there is a wrong answer to this question! Who knew?!

Family is not the answer people expect. They are usually wanting to know about foods, stores, television shows, and other things that people get nostalgic about. Of course, there are things that I miss and, truth be told, it is usually food. (Seriously, I love food.)

This past weekend, my awesome parents gifted me this humongous bag of Starburst jelly beans in a resealable bag. My eyes lit up when I saw this because I had never seen this large of a bag, but my dad found it online and I was one happy lady since these don’t seem to exist in England. Thank you, Mom and Dad! You’d better believe those things are already gone…except the red ones, which ended up in the bin because I’ve never liked that flavor.

They also brought us a pound box of chocolate-covered pretzels from the most amazing chocolate shop in my hometown. (They were finished in 2 days. We have no will power when it comes to these bits of chocolatey deliciousness.)

We took some time to hit up Chipotle and Trader Joe’s (yes to almond butter and the most perfectly dried mangos ever). Happiness. On Sunday, my new sister-in-law’s (yay! wedding posts to come!) family hosted a delicious barbecue with burgers fresh from the grill, potato salad, and loads of other foods that remind me of summers in the U.S. All of which was washed down by a cold Miller Lite in a bottle.

Why does barbecue in the U.S. just taste better?! Yum.

We did our fair share of shopping, too. I know I am going to have to adjust to the prices in England soon, especially because we won’t be back in the U.S. until 2013, but I like to hold off on purchasing things I need (and I know I can definitely purchase at a much lower price) until we are state-side…I’m fully stocked on BareMinerals and summer dresses now and the Brit got some new work shirts and ties. So, I think we are set for awhile now!

So yes, there are things that I miss, but in all seriousness, it is my family that I miss most. They really are the best, and the Brit and I both wished we had another day or two to spend with them during this last trip. I love you, family!

P.S. One day, I will do a post about television shows, not so much about what I miss (Modern Family is the only one, really), but some of the hilarious British quiz and chat shows that I love here (as I type this I am watching Alan Carr…love him).

3 thoughts on ““What do you miss the most?”

  1. What I’m missing most changes constantly, but top answers are reliably good Chinese food, my Jeep (living at my in-laws’), and thunderstorms. Both times I’ve been back to the States I’ve destroyed Target- it’s like mecca for me, coming from here!

    • Oh yes, Target! We didn’t have time this last trip, but I imagine I would have blown a chunk of money in there if we had! That’s funny about the Chinese food — mine is Mexican food, which I think you mention in your most recent post!

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