Where has this month gone?

It’s been hectic around here, but I’m not sure why exactly. I’m on my Easter holidays from university (and have been for the past month), so I often find myself wondering what exactly I’ve been doing to make the days fly by.

The Brit had to work in London, so I tagged along for the overnight. The weather was glorious and I enjoyed walking around checking out the shops while he worked. We didn’t do anything overly exciting while there, but it was fun to get out of Yorkshire for even 48 hours.

That same week held a special day for us in our dating history and the Brit surprised me by making dinner reservations at the Fourth Floor in Harvey Nichols Leeds on the Saturday night. So, we took the bus (I still can’t believe I got him to ride the bus!) to the train station and the train into Leeds, so we could both enjoy wine and whatever other cocktails we might fancy.

We got into Leeds thinking we could walk around and check out some shops, but the wind was blowing hard and it was freezing cold. In lieu of shopping, we just decided to head to the Harvey Nichols Bar about an hour before our reservation. The two of us ordered a bottle of Harvey Nichols rosé champagne and some nibbles and just enjoyed talking.

Our table was ready for 7:30 and we enjoyed some fabulous food and the same Harvey Nichols sauvignon blanc that we had when we had a celebrity siting in the Harvey Nichols in London. Their muesli bread is to die for, so definitely try it when the bread basket comes around! I had basil gnocchi for a starter, duck for my main (so delicious and paired with red cabbage and a fancy potato rosti), and a chocolate tart with a Pop Rock-coated bon bon on the side. (The bon bon stole the show! The tart was too dense and I barely ate half of it.) The Brit had scallops for his starter (so yummy!), halibut for his main, and a deconstructed rhubarb cheesecake for his dessert (truthfully, I wish I would have ordered that for dessert!).

After our meal, we hopped back on the train to our town where I was given a little tour of the bars the Brit used to frequent when he was growing up. It was fun to see these places because we usually hang out at more low-key pubs now, so I felt sort of like we were flashing back to our wild and crazy days! Haha.

So, that is some of the excitement we’ve had over these last few weeks!

P.S. One of the recommended tags for this post is ‘walk of shame’! What?! Random.

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