{Road Trip} Blackpool, England

We had a lovely week or so of spring-like weather (cold and cloudy again now!) here in England, so we made sure to get out and enjoy the sun. Two Saturdays ago, we headed to the west coast town of Blackpool in Lancashire.

Truthfully, I had no idea what to expect. When Blackpool is mentioned in conversation, people usually get a suspicious grin on their face that leaves me wondering what wild and crazy things will be awaiting my arrival.

So, after a 6-mile sprint (not even kidding) that morning, we got ourselves ready and off we went to Blackpool! Remember how I said I had no idea what to expect? On the drive there, I even asked the Brit, “Do people actually live in Blackpool or is it just a holiday town?” Come to think of it…that was a dumb question anyway.

It took us just over an hour to arrive and we parked up on the south end of Blackpool with the plan of walking to the north end and back. As we walked to the waterfront though, we had to walk through part of town and most of the streets are looking quite rough and tired with small bed and breakfasts lining the streets. It made me wonder how so many of them stay in business…there are that many.

South Pier, Blackpool -- it had one of those bungee ball rides!

We came out onto the front and there is an amusement park (Pleasure Beach) along with a pier (there are 3 piers in Blackpool — South, Central, and North) with amusement games and rides on it. Think old-style carnival games with guys shouting, “Come on, son, don’t you want to win a teddy for your girl!” Hilarious!

Looking toward north Blackpool and the Blackpool Tower

Anyway, we walked through one of the arcade areas and played a pound on one of the mechanical carnival games, which we won back! We ventured out onto the South Pier and I could totally picture this place in its heyday a couple of decades ago. A really fun and lively vacation spot for families and beachgoers! These days, as I mentioned, it is looking a bit tired, but that didn’t mean it was empty at all! For a Saturday in March, the place was buzzing and the front and the beach were full of people!

The coast at Blackpool...I could not believe how drastic high and low tide are.

Apparently, Blackpool is a popular destination for stag dos (bachelor parties) and hen nights (bachelorette parties), so the two of us played a little game in which we counted the obvious groups stags and hens. Disappointingly, we only saw 4. One odd thing was that the pubs lining the front were all blasting house and club music during the early afternoon. It just seemed a little much or a little strange or a combination of all things weird.

Lunch time soon was upon us and we both were really just in the mood for a nice sandwich. Finding a normal sandwich on the front in Blackpool is apparently not that easy! Fish and chips? Not a problem. A hamburger? Sure! A ham and cheese sandwich? Not greasy enough! We decided to venture one street back from the waterfront and found a shopping center with a Costa Coffee…perfect spot to grab a quick lunch.

After our abnormal Blackpool lunch, we headed back out into the sun and to check out Blackpool Tower. We decided not to pay the fee to go to the top, but we looked around and then continued heading north until we sort of ran out of things to see/people to watch.

Blackpool Tower

As we got closer to south Blackpool, we decided to play a rousing game of mini golf. It should be noted that both of us are super competitive when it comes to games like this. The last time we played mini golf was this past summer in Pennsylvania and I lost! Ugh. This game was going to be mine! And, it was — I won by a lot! I won’t rub the score in his face anymore, but victory felt great! 🙂

Me winning at mini golf!

Him not happy to be losing!

By this point, we had spent quite few hours wandering around so we decided to head home after grabbing a 99 ice cream cone from a local shop. I don’t think it would have been a trip to the sea without an ice cream!

We really did have a nice day out! I don’t think Blackpool will be on our list of places we return to any time soon, but it was fun to go somewhere Richard used to visit with his family when he was younger!

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