Sushi at Sesame

I’ve always been a big sushi lover, so when I first introduced the Brit to sushi on a trip to Portugal in the summer of 2010, I was ecstatic that he loved it as much as I did. Since then, we’ve had some amazing sushi on our travels around the U.S. and Europe. So, why not learn the art of sushi-making ourselves to understand what goes into those lovely little rolls?!

I had heard from the Brit’s sister that she had seen a place near us that did sushi-making lessons and I decided I was on a mission to get him that as part of his Christmas gift. It just so happened that Groupon had a deal for a 2-hour sushi-making class at Sesame in Leeds. I scooped two of them up at a bargain price and was thrilled with my purchase!

We finally got around to booking our lesson and went last Tuesday. Sesame is mainly a deli, but also sells sushi on the side. We started our lesson with an overview from a long-winded man (I have no idea what his name was) and the Brit and I were laughing at how long it would take him to answer a simple question. We were giving each other the side eye and were both thinking, “This could be an interesting night!” After his initial welcome monologue, one of the chefs came out and she actually did most of the instruction.

We learned how to make regular rolls, inside-out rolls, and nigiri. We were both a little disappointed that we didn’t get to use raw fish. In the end though, it made sense why and that was because we weren’t set up in an actual kitchen. Instead, we used smoked salmon and loads of vegetables. The rolls were still absolutely delicious!

We could eat the sushi we made as we went along. However, we were told at the beginning of the class that there would be a little competition at the end so to save our best pieces to arrange them in a tray. I ate all the ugly ones as we went along and saved my best ones. I was taking this competition seriously. It paid off in the end (as you’ll see below) because I took 2nd out of 13 in the competition for my sushi-making and competition! Score! I’ve never been so excited to win a fruit cup in my life! Haha.

If you’re ever looking for a fun night, definitely check out the sushi-making classes at Sesame or any other place that might offer them. We really had a great time and it was fun to try out a new activity! We’re now thinking about hosting our own sushi-making party with some friends this summer!

Winner! With my sushi and my prize!


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