An American Bridal Shower

I’m back in England after some crazy traveling (delayed and missed flights both ways — fun times!), but all of that traveling was worth it to begin the festivities of welcoming my brother’s fiancee into our family with a good old western Pennsylvania bridal shower!  She is originally from Maryland, so my mom wanted to be sure she was showered with gifts from our friends and family in PA as well.  I must first say that my mom is a rockstar!  The shower was thrown by she and I, but with me being over here (and really not sure until a month before if I could even make it back) she did amazing things getting this party together.

My brother, A, is one of the most laid-back people you will ever meet, and I have to say that he has met his match with K.  The two of them are absolutely great together! In an attempt to let K’s personality and style shine through, my mom wonderfully organized a rustically elegant bridal shower held in a local bed and breakfast with hints of green and brown (their wedding colors) throughout.

Before I show some photos, I have to explain for my British readers (I know I have a few!!) that a bridal shower is not a hen do.  (After seeing some photos, I think the Brit has finally figured out that this is not the time when rude games are played and a stripper is expected…that is a bachelorette party!)  The bridal shower is traditionally a luncheon with finger foods and sweets on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon with all women (grandmothers, aunts, cousins, parents’ friends, the bride’s friends, etc.).  It’s an opportunity for the bride to be showered with gifts prior to the wedding. This is usually when the couple receives many of the household items from their wedding registry (or wedding/gift list).  Some people are now doing co-ed showers, but K and A went the traditional route with A popping up near the end appearing all charming with a bouquet of flowers for his wife-to-be.  (It’s weird to see my brother be romantic, but it makes me smile that he has found someone that makes him this happy!)

Because I didn’t have much to do with the planning leading up to the day, my mom so graciously allowed me to take over on the day of. I really enjoyed it and it wouldn’t be me speaking publicly about someone I love without a few tears as I welcomed K to our family. (You really don’t know how excited we are for it to be official! She is wonderful!)

So, without further ado, enjoy some photos from the bridal shower….

The lovely and delicious cake!

The lovely and delicious cake!

Mom, K, and I

Mason jar wine glasses...seriously hilarious!

Mason jar wine glasses...seriously hilarious!

Delicious cookies homemade by family and friends!

The food spread -- croissant sandwiches, veggies, fruit, salad.

New towels -- that haven't been chewed on by their crazy Labrador retriever!

The grandmothers

The soon-to-be marrieds!!

The soon-to-be marrieds!!

So excited to celebrate with these two on April 28th!!

I'd love to hear what you think, too! x

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