Marathon Redemption

For the past year or so, I have said I would run another marathon the year I turn 30. Lucky (unlucky?!) for me, that year is 2012! My first marathon experience was amazing because I ran it with an incredible group of ladies (a few I still consider to be great friends), who I met through Team In Training, AND because it was in Honolulu in December.

However, I did not do as well time-wise as I had expected, so I’ve been talking redemption ever since.

So, this is the year and the target is the Edinburgh Marathon on May 27th. I have signed up and so has the Brit, although his time goal is about 30 minutes faster than mine. So, that should answer any questions as to whether or not we will be running the marathon together — ha!

I am very excited about it because it is getting me back into running, which is a sport I love oh-so-very-much, and it is taking me back to Edinburgh, which is one of my favorite cities! Can’t ask for more than that!

Let the fun of training for the next 3 months begin!

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