{Plane Trip} A Parisian Proposal!

Finally, I can follow through on my promise of ‘Details to come’ from this post!

I have to admit that I knew the Brit was going to propose sometime before Valentine’s Day (because he had told me this — we are terrible at keeping secrets from each other), but I thought it would be while we were in Colorado skiing over the New Year. Well, I was wrong! He got me good!

We had planned to drive to London on Tuesday night because he had an early meeting there on Wednesday. We were planning to stay until Friday. I would just chill and enjoy London while he worked during the day. He had told me we were spending Tuesday night at a hotel in Reading, just outside of London that would provide easy access for him to get to his ‘meeting.’ We were getting closer to London and I knew we would have to turn off onto a different motorway to get to Reading. Around the time we should have turned off, he said, “I forgot to give you something before we left home,” and handed me a card. I was confused and asked if I could open it then. He said I could open it and it had a cool little artsy drawing of the Eiffel Tower on it, so I immediately knew something was up, but didn’t know what. What he wrote inside was really sweet then he handed me another envelope and I could see what appeared to be boarding passes through it. All I could say was, “What is this? Where are we going?” I opened it and was literally in shock — boarding passes to Paris!

How he kept this from me I do not know. He had it planned for nearly TWO months! He then told me, “We’re staying at a hotel at Heathrow and I took time off of work, so we can go to Paris.” My eyes were popping out of my head and I didn’t know what to say. I was seriously shocked. I have to tell you that I have been wanting the two of us to go to Paris together because I’d been once before with a friend, but I wanted to go with him since it’s all romantic and stuff. 🙂

He asked me if I wanted to know what else he had planned for us, and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be surprised or to know, so I told him he could decide if he wanted to tell me. He did because he had been holding it all in for so long. (Only one other person knew about his plan!) He had made dinner reservations for us at Le Jules Verne, the Michelin star restaurant on the second level of the Eiffel Tower (at 125 meters or 410 feet). This was really special because we love food and great restaurants. One of our favorite things to do when we can spoil ourselves is to have a new restaurant experience, so it meant a lot to me that he wanted to include our love for fabulous food into it. And by this time, I did know he would be proposing — it just seemed logical plus because of what he had written in the card it was quite obvious!

The sun setting in Paris on our first day there.

Tourists in front of the Arc

We flew to Paris the next day and spent the whole day just walking around and smiling and being tourists. I had no idea when, during this trip, he was planning to propose, but it didn’t matter because it was the perfect day and we were both excited to be hanging out together on a mid-week break, plus we couldn’t wait for our dinner that night! We arrived at the Eiffel Tower for our reservation at Le Jules Verne about 20 minutes earlier, so we took a bunch of photos of ourselves in front of it. At night, it sparkles on the hour for about 5 minutes, so it was stunning and we were just loving life together.

Before dinner with the sparkling Eiffel Tower!

We were just enjoying ourselves so much when we got to the restaurant. Normally, we never feel out of place at a really nice restaurant, but both of us were a bit intimidated by the grandeur of this place. (That went away not long after we were seated at our table.) Our table was right at the window, so our view of Paris was spectacular because it was a perfectly clear night. We had our starters and had both been talking about our relationship and how happy we both are.

So, after they took the dishes for our starters away, we were just sitting there enjoying each other’s company and our champagne when the Brit started to talk about how happy he is, which I just thought was a continuation of our earlier conversation, but he smoothly eased it into a proposal and somehow managed to surprise me even though I knew it was coming! It was so perfect!

And, the ring?! WOW! Absolutely gorgeous — he chose so well! He had said earlier he was nervous I might start laughing when he asked because I knew it was coming, but I cried and couldn’t believe it was happening. It was all just so perfect! (Have I mentioned that it was all absolutely perfect yet?!) We were both teary-eyed and it was like we were the only ones in the restaurant even though it was packed. It was so awesome, too, because even though the servers never said a peep to us about what had just happened, it was like they knew because they left us alone for awhile before bringing over our entrees. Seriously amazing!

Having drinks at the hotel bar after our dinner!

And, that is our story! No one knew we were in Paris, so it was fun to text/call everyone and have them surprised about us being in Paris and being excited for us with the engagement! We spent the entire next day in Paris playing tourists again at the museums because the Brit wanted ‘to see some paintings.’ It was just a fabulous two days in Paris with my best friend and fiancé!

Walking to the Louvre

I'd consider this a 'painting'!

Notre Dame and its massive Christmas tree!

It was also fabulous because we we’ve had so much going on that we have really had a chance to enjoy being engaged! And, as of yesterday, we have a date and a place — the 29th of December in the Caribbean! We’re still over the moon! I  absolutely cannot wait to spend my life with such an incredible guy who makes me happier than I’ve ever been!

(Just FYI…I’m planning to write about Le Jules Verne and the hotel where we stayed in a separate post.)

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