Christmas Traditions: Miles of Difference

Although this is the Brit and I’s second Christmas together, I’m just now realizing some of the major differences in the Christmas traditions between the UK and the US. So, without further ado, I thought I’d share them….

United States United Kingdom
Santa Claus Father Christmas
Santa Claus comes from the North Pole. Father Christmas comes from Lapland.
We leave cookies (biscuits) and milk for Santa Claus and some leave carrots for the reindeer. Father Christmas is left mince pies and whisky…this just makes me laugh! Apparently, in the Brit’s family, Father Christmas preferred a gin and tonic. Hilarious!
Santa Claus only brings the gifts from Santa Claus. Christmas gifts from others are presented by that person/group of people. Father Christmas brings all of the gifts from everyone on Christmas morning. I was excited because I thought we would get to see the Brit’s godson (along with his little sister) open their gifts from us this year, but then I was informed that wouldn’t be happening. 😦
The day after Christmas is merely December 26th. The day after Christmas is Boxing Day.

Merry Christmas from the United States!!

One thought on “Christmas Traditions: Miles of Difference

  1. WTH is Lapland and Santa would be totally wasted after about 10 houses and then get gifts all mixed up and pass out, so I’m kinda glad he just gets milk over here. 😉

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