Halfway there, almost.

My first semester of graduate school came to a close on Friday! I cannot believe how quickly that went! Even though, we are finished with lectures until late January, I do have two essays due on January 16th.

Mid-term essays were returned a few weeks ago and the feedback and marks I received left me feeling extremely optimistic about the rest of the program. When I received my marks, I texted my mom and she could not understand why I was happy about my grades. You see, anything above a 70 is a distinction (very good), above 60 is a merit (good), above 50 is a pass, and below 50 is a fail. So, when she saw a number in the 60s, she immediately assumed that my mark was the equivalent to a ‘D’ on the United States’ grading scale, which would have been barely passing. She was happy to hear I actually received a mark worthy of a merit on both essays — result!

So, for the weeks that we are in England over winter break, you’ll find me in the library working on my final essays. I thought I would hate having to do work over the holidays (such a change from the days of being an undergraduate in the US), but I’ve quite enjoyed hanging out in the peacefully empty library. I’m beginning to realize what it means to truly enjoy my studies.

It also finally feels real that I am working towards one of my life goals of getting my Masters degree. (Funny that it took nearly four months for that feeling to develop!)

I am a very content graduate student right now!

2 thoughts on “Halfway there, almost.

  1. Congrats on (almost) finishing your first semester! Woo hoo! Glad to hear you’re really enjoying it. There’s something about going back to school that can be independently fulfilling.

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