“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”

It’s true, even if it has looked like Christmas here in Yorkshire since the beginning of November! Common practice in the U.S. (for the few UK readers I have) is to wait until after Thanksgiving to put the Christmas decorations up, although that date is creeping closer to Halloween now. The commercialization of the holidays is taking center stage to what should truly be celebrated during these winter months. I find that a bit sad really, as Thanksgiving is a holiday that can serve as a great precursor to the meaning behind Christmas, and that meaning is often overshadowed. Regardless, I love Christmas and will stick to ‘respecting the turkey’ always, even while we’re living in England!

I attribute my love of Christmas to my mom. We grew up with the notion that Christmas is about those you love and celebrating what we have, but not forgetting to give. Mom (and Dad, mostly because of Mom’s excitement for this time of year) made sure there was a lot of time spent as a family, particularly decorating for Christmas and our annual trip where the four of us would pile in my dad’s truck to cut down our Christmas tree.

I’m happy to have the Brit in my life, who also really enjoys the Christmas season. So, this year, even though we’ll be in the US for Christmas, we decorated the house with a tree and all. It was such a fun day of picking out a tree, decorating, wrapping gifts, and watching Love Actually. It really put the both of us even more in the holiday mood!

So, over the past few weeks, as we’ve been feeling more Christmas-y, I’ve been snapping photos of Christmas decor. I thought I’d share some of my favorites to hopefully boost your Christmas spirit just a touch more!

Love our first Christmas tree!

Victoria Quarter, Leeds

The Queens Hotel, Leeds

Another of Victoria Quarter, Leeds

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