Bonfire Night!

Between essay writing for me, work for the Brit, and gearing up for Thanksgiving in the US, it’s been a busy few weeks! However, we’ve still made time to have fun….

On November 5 I had the chance to experience my first ever Guy Fawkes Night, also known as Bonfire Night. The Brit had told me about it last November and suggested that next year I come to England to celebrate and see what it is all about. Funny how that worked out for us, huh? 😉

All week we were hoping for decent weather, and it turned out to be the perfect fall night! Plus, I got to wear my new wellies and get them a bit muddy! Hooray!

It started with a ‘pub crawl’ led by the Brit’s dad to two pubs in their village. The first pub was a bit like what we would call a ‘dive bar’ in the United States, but seriously just a funny place. The Brit’s dad and mum convinced me to try Kopparberg, which is a pear cider, instead of my usual half pint of cider. It was a little too sweet for me, but I still enjoyed it. We all enjoyed a drink there and some gambling along with lots of laughs. It was then off to another pub, where we were able to sit at the outside tables to enjoy our drinks.

The bonfire had been lit and we all wandered into the park. I am used to bonfires back home in PA, but this fire was massive!(Seriously, bonfires in the summer are a way of life where I grew up and especially at my parents’ house. My dad and brother are two of the best bonfire builders I have ever met.) I was really excited and taking photos when the Brit informed me that this bonfire was actually small compared to those of the past. I think he was a bit disappointed because I didn’t get to see what it normally looks like in the village as the fire had died down quite a bit while we walked around the park, which was actually a bit like a mini festival with food stands, carnival games, and kiddie rides.

I really enjoyed walking around and seeing what Bonfire Night was all about. I took a few videos that I’ve embedded below, so you can see the bonfire, fireworks, and the drummers we stumbled upon. Pretty impressive for a small village!!

I'd love to hear what you think, too! x

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