{Road Trip} Whitby: Summer in October

It’s October in England and summer has finally arrived! I’m not kidding. This past Saturday, the 1st of October, was the hottest day in October since 1895. So, we decided to enjoy the temperatures with a road trip to the east coast, specifically Whitby.

A week or so ago, the Brit and I were watching the news and they flashed up a photo of this beautiful sunset at Whitby and since then we’ve sort of been wanting to visit. I think we both just assumed that visit wouldn’t be until next summer. Lucky us!

Apparently, the rest of the country saw this same photo as well because the roads to the east coast were rammed with people. It took us about 2 1/2 hours to make the drive, which is usually a bit shorter than that. Even when we arrived in Whitby, we were shocked to see the ‘No Vacancies’ sign in nearly every guest house and bed and breakfast window.

Well hello, rest of the country of England!

Once we got to Whitby, we were both starving. Fish and chips seemed to be the theme of nearly every restaurant in Whitby and the queues for takeaway were SO long. We chose to go to a pub called The Shambles. The food was just okay. I had a crab sandwich on ciabatta, which was odd. It had fresh crab on it, but then this spread that resembled hummus with chunks of carrots in it. The Brit had fish and chips. He said it was good. The chips definitely were as I stole a few. 🙂 Overall, I’d say it’s a good place for a drink, but not much else. And, if you can score a spot on the deck overlooking the water, then I bet that pint will taste a whole lot better!

After lunch, we wandered a little more on the narrow and cobbled-stone streets until we came upon some stairs leading to St. Mary’s Church, its cemetery, and the ruins of St. Hilda’s Abbey also known as Whitby Abbey. Whitby is a classic old seaside town that apparently was in its heyday years ago, so you still get a sense of that history walking through the town.

View of Whitby Abbey from West Cliff

St Mary's Parish of Whitby

The Parish Cemetery

The ruins of Whitby Abbey

We did some more walking around in the town and browsed in a few shops. We also watched some kids go crab lining in the inlet with nets and buckets. It was quite cute watching them get so excited about the crabs they were pulling out of the sea and then trying to get them from the net to the bucket without getting pinched!

I’m so glad we took the day to enjoy Whitby and the beautiful summer weather because as of Tuesday fall is in full force. It’s scarves and boots and raincoats and wellies from now on.

Enjoy these last few glimpses of a beautiful ‘summer’ day on the east coast of England….

People enjoying the North Sea

Loving the surprise dose of Vitamin D!

Sailboats on the Sea

Whitby Port

I'd love to hear what you think, too! x

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