Grocery shopping…from the couch.

Don’t judge.

Two nights ago, we decided to try online grocery shopping. It might seem lazy, but it’s actually making life a whole lot easier.

Reasons we gave online grocery shopping a go:

1. We are a one car house. I walk/ride the bus/take the train nearly everywhere I go when the Brit is at work. (Also, I’m a bit scared to drive on these narrow and hilly Yorkshire roads on the other side of the road in a stick shift, but that is a fear I will conquer soon.) Regardless, it doesn’t make sense for us to have two cars at this point in our lives.

2. We have limited free time in the evenings. The Brit’s work hours are all over the place and we still don’t know what my university schedule will be. This leaves us with not much time in the evenings to spend together, and we’d both rather not spend that time at the supermarket.

3. The size of our refrigerator. (See photo below.) We have a mini-refrigerator, which is not a problem, but coming from the land of super-sized everything, it takes some getting used to. Obviously, we are limited on food storage space, which means we can’t shop for food once every two weeks. We shop twice every week. In a way, it is really great because we only buy what we need for next few days and we rarely waste food. However, keeping reason #2 in mind, if we have to shop twice a week, that is four times as much time spent in the supermarket when we could be doing other things.

Mini-frig and clothes washer hanging out underneath the kitchen counter.

So, what did we think about our first round of online grocery shopping? Loved it! What is so great about the online grocery shopping through Tesco is we still get all of the same in-store deals and get our Clubcard points, which we can use in the store or at hotels and other fun places! Plus, you can choose the time slot when you want your groceries to be delivered, so it really does work to your schedule.

Next time we have a delivery, I can give the bags back to the delivery man and they will recycle them! Nice, right?! They'll also take other plastic bags (not from Tesco) that we have.

Each delivery comes with a print-out of your order, so you can check through that everything has arrived. If something is missing, there is a number on this same piece of paper that you can call. The delivery fee is quite reasonable, too. For this order, we paid £3 and I think the fee ranges up to £5 (but it might go a little higher). In my mind, that is definitely worth the extra time we can spend not running errands.

Online grocery shopping gets five giant gold stars from me! I know a lot of stores in the U.S. also are offering this option, so I definitely recommend you give it a try if you’re short on time!

Our goods from this order. Yes, they deliver wine, too! (And, I'm not sure what we are going to do with that many sweet potatoes!)

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