{Road Trip} Abersoch, Wales: Part 2

For Part I, go here!

The view of the sea from the back deck of the hotel across the street from the Venetia.

I truthfully was not sure what to expect of the village of Abersoch. I assumed it would be fairly small and perhaps similar to some of the lesser-known beach communities in parts of the northwestern U.S. I was sort of right.

The main street through the village.

Aside from the beach, most people spend time on one main street, which was home to restaurants, pubs, and shops. The Venetia is located on one end of this street making it an easy walk (no more than 5 to 7 minutes) to any of those places.

Because of the weather, the beach was empty on our second day in Abersoch, but we really enjoyed being out there with no one around.

Although the weather was quite gray on our second day, it was still nice to walk around the village browsing the shops and stopping for a pint on the patio of a pub. Even a walk along the sea and the beach were high points of our stroll on this overcast day. I’m always in awe how seas and oceans carry a sense of beauty with them, regardless of weather.

See what I mean? Still beautiful on a cloudy day!

As I mentioned in Part I, we had dinner at the Venetia on our second night. Because it was half birthday dinner for the Brit’s sister and half engagement party for her and her fiancé, we had a quite a group — fifteen of us in total! This is definitely a large party for such a small restaurant, so they split us into two tables next to each other.

One thing I’ve grown to appreciate (and really love) about dining in nicer restaurants in the UK is how the ordering of the meal happens. Most times, you will take a seat in the bar/lounge area of the restaurant where you will order a drink and be handed the menu. While enjoying your drink and your company, you peruse the menu and place your order for your starter and main course before being seated at the table where you will dine. I usually order a fun drink, like a glass of champagne or a mixed drink, and then we order a bottle of wine to go with dinner. The restaurant at the Venetia was the same. So, it was fun to chat and mingle with our group of 15 before we were seated separately.

Sunburned and happy in the bar at the Venetia!

The restaurant focuses on using local foods, especially produce and seafood that is in season. Because this was in early June, I don’t completely remember what I had for dinner. (Oops.) I can tell you though that not one person had a bad meal. Everything from the presentation to the taste was spot on. For dessert, I ordered the crème brûlée, which is one of my favorite desserts. Wow. They gave me two of them and it was great with the crispy sugar top and custardy center! I ate one and the Brit ate the other (along with his dessert). 🙂

Honestly, the food was incredibly delicious and the service was impeccable, especially handling such a large group! I would definitely recommend trying their restaurant if in Abersoch and would suggest making a reservation, particularly during the summer months.

We had a wonderful time in Abersoch, and I was so glad to finally see the place I’d been hearing about for so long. The village is so low-key and just a great place to relax. Abersoch didn’t let me down and I truthfully can’t wait to go back!

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